CW SuperGirl VS DCEU Wonder Woman @ubaid_editz #shorts #supergirl #wonderwoman


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23 Responses to CW SuperGirl VS DCEU Wonder Woman @ubaid_editz #shorts #supergirl #wonderwoman

  1. Memedose46 says:

    Who slams harder on bed tho😏

  2. Artem says:

    In my opinion, supergirl is too overrated

  3. Gazza Editz says:

    live action supegirl win mid high diff.
    comics wonder woman mid low diff W fac

  4. Darth Vader says:

    Iq and stamina to supergirl

  5. HOMELANDER says:

    Homelander solo's 💥👃💥

  6. OBAMA NlGGER says:

    Bro putted a heart face next to wonder womans name in the name of the video

  7. Kevin Balot says:

    Wonder woman trained supergirl.

  8. fifty-five says:

    The fact people think Supergirl could last 2 seconds against Diana always makes me laugh

  9. ZOD GAMING says:

    They both are fighting for
    Supergirl : iam the hot in dc
    Wonder women : no iam
    Then ghost rider, surtur, thor, superman enter the chat 😂😂

  10. GIGa gamer says:

    NGL but i think endurance goes to ww because in live action Supergirl endurance is shown bad , like she gets tired in almost every battle in between and the villains she fights were not even that high level

  11. yorichi mp4 says:

    Bro in comics Wonder homan wins