Smallville || Warrior 9×12 (Clois) || Lois Dresses as Wonder Woman [HD]

Lois shocks Clark in her Wonder Woman costume.

Season 9, Episode 12 – Smallville (Superman Prequel) – Warrior

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7 Responses to Smallville || Warrior 9×12 (Clois) || Lois Dresses as Wonder Woman [HD]

  1. Jean Grey says:

    @:46 Clark backs up just the get the full view of his girl from behind lol.

  2. The fact that they had Lois dress up as Wonder Woman, yet they didn’t actually have Diane Prince herself in the show is confusing. And Batman should have been in the show more than any other non Superman Dc character. I love Smallville, but It’s so ridiculous that Star Girl of all people gets to make an appearance, yet the rest of the Dc trinity doesn’t.

  3. Toby Cattel says:

    you're gonna be kidding me what am i going to tell gal gadot about this ?

  4. binky Faith says:


  5. Clark was clearly checking out his gf 😅

  6. The look on Clark's face when Lois came out the bathroom.😂😂😂😂

  7. I’ve been looking everywhere for this one, thank you so much! Only Lois could pull that look off, lol. Well, apart from Wonder Woman herself. 😂