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Captain Marvel will be played by actress Brie Larson in the film version, which will be released in March 2019 (we told you it’s the perfect costume for anyone who is ahead of her time). Marvel Studios has released the second trailer for the highly-anticipated Captain Marvel, which teases more of Carol Danvers’ (Brie Larson) incredible powers. And on Monday night, Brie Larson made quite the entrance as she arrived for the film’s premiere in Hollywood. Larson was joined at the premiere by her co-stars Samuel L. Jackson and Gemma Chan. The trailer begins with Carol Danvers, in her green Captain Marvel costume, cautiously walking through a subway car, intercut with a conversation between Danvers and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). Jackson, 70, plays Nick Fury in the MCU. Big moment: Mckenna Grace, 12, plays Larson’s character as a young girl. Character options in the set include Eleven, Dustin and Steve. Since her character will likely be more evolved and focused squarely on her, the joker costume perhaps a little of all the old comic book costumes will make appearances. And that’s about it for this look into the best costumes for each Marvel Future Revolution character. Here are the five costumes from across all media that made Captain Marvel look cool, and five that made her look lame.

GeekMatic!: Marvel Avengers Movie Series: Captain America ... These costumes are easy to wear and pair over clothing for a warmer feel. Combat can become monotonous over time, but being a Marvel fan will certainly help you overlook some of these gripes. Although later writers would “resurrect” Mar-Vell from time to time, the relative permanence of Mar-Vell’s death remained something of an outlier in superhero comics. Already, Mar-Vell was deviating from the plans laid by his Kree superiors, but “cosmic threat turned hero who battles against his former master” was a niche that Marvel Comics had amply filled with the Silver Surfer in the pages of Fantastic Four. The 29-year-old actress looked incredible in a custom Rodarte gold gown that featured white and silver embroidered stars, the signature emblem of Captain Marvel. After that you can make one of your very own, if you can not locate the jacket with all of its gold lines and the star.

Unfortunately, the Brood abducted her on one mission, and they unwittingly unlocked her dormant Kree powers, thus turning her into Binary – a spacefaring superhero with cosmic-like powers. The trailer then features Annette Bening’s character, Danvers’ Kree mother, who reveals that Carol’s real life began almost as it ended. Why green? We’ll give you Kree guesses. And, if you do want to get the adults involved, why not buy a Jim Hopper or Joyce Byers outfit. Presenting here’s why Captain Marvel’s Costume is Green and not Red-Blue like in the comics… It feels like a game that wants to be yet another riff on Diablo that’s being built with a well-known IP to boost recognition. With a design that feels both timeless and a product of the ’40s, Cap’s live-action costume is a remarkable achievement in the world of superhero fashion. Though some elements of her later more successful costume are present here – the star icon and red and blue color elements – Carol’s first costume as Ms. Marvel is a disaster. The sleeveless gown had a low-cut neckline that showcased her cleavage and a train that fanned out behind her on the red carpet. There’s clearly a story reason behind it – just as there is behind, say, Superman’s black suit, or Spider-Man’s Iron Spider outfit.

Each outfit comes in various sizes and includes everything you need to pull off the superhero look. The trailer also features a first look at Captain Marvel’s iconic mohawk from the comics, while teasing that Carol’s past on Earth holds the key to this entire conflict. The footage features a number of flashback shots to her time on Earth, along with her Air Force pilot friend Maria ‘Photon’ Rambeau (Lashanna Lynch). The final shot of the trailer features Fury marveling over how cute Carol’s cat Goose is. Hitmaker Halsey showed up in a revealing ensemble of black leather jacket over black lace bra and tiny black leather shorts. As an added bonus, this is a great costume for people in colder climates as you can easily layer it over warm pants and a coat. But the biggest thing about the costume is the color: It’s green. Eye-catching: Guardians of the Galaxy star Pom Klementieff stood out from the crowd in a bright green wraparound dress. Whether you’re a family or you have a group of friends who want to dress alike this Halloween, you can’t beat the classic Crayon costume. Canadian singer and songwriter Grimes made quite an impression in a long-sleeved red wet-look bodysuit worn with a black halter full-length dress with see-through bodice.

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