Wonder Woman Betrays The Justice League And Kills Each Member

Title: Wonder Woman Betrays The Justice League And Kills Each Member

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24 Responses to Wonder Woman Betrays The Justice League And Kills Each Member

  1. feedME! says:

    Too much going on here.

  2. Sinister1986 says:

    It's one of the darkest DC moments, really good but dark.

  3. DC animated really f*cks Shazam. Getting killed with heat vision was so far below his normal his invulnerability, and this was just ridiculous

  4. PrimeStudio says:

    You said professor Thawne than you said just zoom but its actually professor zoom and just Thawne or mostly known Reverse Flash

  5. Storm Nation says:

    I knew you couldn’t trust Wonder Woman 😂😂

  6. Conner Ream says:

    Except when you cover suicide squad, Hell to pay you will get the information that reverse flash isn’t that not dead

  7. Please can you do a recap of spiderman across the spider verse?

  8. Good video but title is a bit misleading IMO. She didn't betray the league, the league most likely never exsisted in this time due to a few key founders backstories being rewritten

  9. I Like That Movie 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

  10. Bean says:

    Seeing Batman be emotional when he saw that letter was so wholesome

  11. Casbien Barr says:

    oof, what wrong with the animation damn

  12. The best part of this movie was that the Flash was able to deliver a letter from flashpoint Batman which is his father to his son

  13. AshTan6 says:

    Captain Atom always taking L's

  14. The DC universe movies sucks , but the animated movies are insanely good.

  15. m f says:

    Love how superman casually holds the explosion in his hands like nothing😆

  16. This is basically the latest Flash movie guys

  17. Flash is the best Dc hero 💓

  18. Dec Lynam says:

    You could have saved jfk kept hitler in art school but you saved your mommy.zoom’s best line