Wonder Woman Gets Batgirl CANCELLED

Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) is a beloved member of the Batfamily. A longtime crime fighter alongside Batman and Robin. Love interest for Dick Grayson (love interest/Nightwing). Source of controversy vis a vis her transformation into Oracle and The Killing Joke. She is a character with a rich history who has gone through many iterations. One such was the post crisis on infinite earths origin in Batgirl Year One. A mini series that was at one point looking like it would be adapted, but it got cancelled because of Wonder Woman? Find out why here on Casually Comics!

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Catwoman Gets CANCELLED

Meet BATGIRL | Barbara Gordon – The Thrill Seeker

Miss Martian Was Never Meant To Exist

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25 Responses to Wonder Woman Gets Batgirl CANCELLED

  1. What is your dream Batgirl project?

  2. i.e. says:

    I'm late to veiwing and this isn't really related to the vid, but I'd love it if you'd talk about Young Justice. I just finished the 4th (and sadly last) season last night. I loved Barbra/Batgirl/Oracle in that series. Hoenstly the Young Justice characterization is probably my favorite characterizations of some of those characters.

  3. The question of does Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) have strength to stand on its own???
    I say no.

    But it can be.
    And every comics fan is interested in Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown so thats a direction to expliot.
    The guys on top will have to play with some risks to do anything with any of the Batgirls.
    So…..are they???
    Risktakers i mean.

  4. The only "unwatchable" movie ive ever sat through was Natalie Portman's Vox Lux!

  5. I think she could have the power to stand at her own on the screen. Maybe not for a lengthy series (although that would also a possibility), but I could very well imagine one or two animated films.

  6. Viola Ivy says:

    That Batgirl/Batman romance stuff is a criminal offence imo. Just why.

  7. Batman Beyond 2: Gotham Forever (Kevin Conroy age 66)

  8. I want to see Barbara Gordon and Carrie Kelly do gymnastics in Live Action

  9. Those f*#king WB monsters ruined us all!!!!

  10. Donna says:

    An animated movie series something with cass and Steph

  11. Donna says:

    Honestly I feel like anyone would be more popular than ww atp

  12. Marc C says:

    I'm open too any female led show personally. Be it Batgirl, supergirl, WW. I was happy when Shulkie got her own 6 ep series. Annimated or LIve I wouldn't mind. It's already proven Supergirl can survive in this current TV landscape. I think Batgirl should at least be given a chance.

  13. I remember the "Wonder Woman movie sales caused the Batgirl one not to be made" discussions. Mostly the IRL ones since I wasn't online much back then.
    At the time, I thought "Why would you bet the future of any bat-project on anything not related to Batman? It should be the opposite". From what I remember, he was at near peak popularity. You could have dropped a plate of cat-food on the table, slapped a bat-symbol on it, and people would have licked the plate clean and immediately demanded more. At the same time, Wonder Woman was the "less liked girl one from the Justice League cartoon" or that "girl who spins to put her costume on from that really old TV show". Most people I knew thought she was boring and had no personality. But they thought that of everyone not on the Bat Family, Teen Titans, X-Men or with Spider at the front of their name.
    If they wanted to test the waters for for female superheroes Hawk Girl, Raven, Starfire or any Bat with two X chromozomes would have been a safer bet.

  14. tafmanime says:

    I love Barbara Batgirl, but give me Cassandra Cain Batgirl origin. 🙏🏾

  15. J O says:

    If she wasnt so underfoot in any series shes a part of. If she had a villain of her own that defines her position in gotham.
    The only direction she can go really is to be more violent than batman himself. To not let every villain escape. To be what the dark knight is thought to be.

  16. Trey Thomas says:

    I still want to see the batgirl movie. I feel like it wasn’t as bad as the exes* said that it is. I think they already knew they were moving in a new direction with the Gunn universe, and had to choose between batgirl or blue beetle

  17. Matt Ttam says:

    Batgirl (animated) would have performed better than Wonder Woman.
    It is (at least by name) linked to Batman so that would have helped, but it appeals to some of the same audience since unlike WW Batgirl isn't superhuman (especially the Barbara Gordon version) so those of us that like the hero not to be invincible and smart would be inline for this.

  18. Batgirl/Batman, the infamous ship that can never be unseen.
    The goggles, they do nothing.

  19. Batgirl: loved by fans, hated by execs.

  20. Nope. Batgirl has been mishandled too badly to stand as a solo character in a movie or show. I mean, they can keep making Batgirl shows, but people will continue to not come.

  21. Bigoukun says:

    Do I think Batgirl has the brand recognition to stand on her own? Yes, I do.

  22. Babs should have stayed as Oracle.
    Hated the new52 retcon foisted upon this character by the accountants. John Ostrander, Chuck Dixon, and Gail Simone crafted Barbara into an unique, triumphal character. Love Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown as legacy character for Barbara.
    They certainly wouldn't have reverted Dick Grayson to Robin.

  23. Sadly, Batgirl is a connected character. This means she exists because of a connection to another main character (Batman). She doesn't make sense outside that connection, so to establish her, you have to re-establish that connection.

    Could you do it? Sure. Will it be easy? No. As we have seen, going anything within Gotham WITHOUT Batman eventually ruins the show. Especially live action.

  24. Dep Soul says:

    Hopefully, brave and the bold will be good and can serve as a backdoor for a solo film