Wonder woman knew about Atlantians|#shorts #shortsviral #youtubeshorts

Wonder woman knew about Atlantians|#shorts #shortsviral #youtubeshorts
#ytviral #ytshort #comic #animation #justiceleague #superman #batman

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9 Responses to Wonder woman knew about Atlantians|#shorts #shortsviral #youtubeshorts

  1. Shadow playz says:

    Bruh she’s Zeus daughter how dose she not know here uncle is posiden

  2. Nathan Filion Green lantern is the goat IMO

  3. Peklenc says:

    Fun fact homies: current leading theories suggest “Atlantis sinking” refers to a cataclysm and that it is actually located at the eye of the Sahara not under the sea

  4. I absolutely hate it when characters do that shut the fuck up Hal.

  5. MegaManDBZX says:

    “That’s a fairy tail.” He said to the daughter of Zeus. (Hades in one continuity.)

  6. Dude search im faded song you will hear it

  7. Trojianmaru says:

    Bro's talking to an immortal Amazon who's (depending on origin story) father is a Greek god, a cyborg with alien tech, and he's a space cop. But sure, sea people are a fairy tale he can't believe.

    Ya best start believing in fairy tales Mr Jordan, you're in one.