Wonder Woman Vs Injustice Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Vs Injustice Wonder Woman #injustice #shorts #harleyquinn #injustice2 #superman #dc #thejoker #wonderwoman
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In this video I recorded and edited, I showcase a scene the Wonder Woman meets the Injustice version of Wonder Woman in Injustice Gods Among Us

Game: Injustice Gods Among Us (2013)

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48 Responses to Wonder Woman Vs Injustice Wonder Woman

  1. anafbmad says:

    Wtf the graphics are awful

  2. Lemonade says:

    I played this game on stream and my chat was just full of mommy whenever she came on screen. When this scene came on it was mommy is spitting facts.

  3. Almi says:

    I love good ww such an icon

  4. Corey B says:

    She can service me anytime

  5. I am glad they made the canon Wonder Woman so grossed out by her counterpart

  6. Dom says:

    injustice ww has a better outfit

  7. Apex Creed says:

    This game isnt that old why does it look like dog shit

  8. Batman says:

    Man Wonderwoman in actual continuity is one of the kindest heroes. Injustice really took a step away from that didn’t they.

  9. Elijah Hunt says:

    I could not beat this battle as a kid lol. Just where I got stuck forever😅😂


  11. Sentay0 says:

    Honestly miss her, it's a shame we got more of Injustice universe WW (who's a total waste of space in all capacities).

  12. Wonder Woman just looks atrocious in this game

  13. DeathWraith says:

    She served him alright

  14. Khionhch says:

    Whice one is injustice

  15. H S says:

    This is so hype

  16. SSGSS Xtrada says:

    Those melons 🍈 look good

  17. _cookie _ says:

    They are both unbelievably annoying

  18. who the fuck let Kim Kardashian play as Wonder woman

  19. “I see your part, past me. Let’s make out and see if that solves everything”

  20. Battle if the Boobs
    And I Love it 😍

  21. Daniel says:

    atleast she has fucking armor on…

  22. BFG2000 says:

    For those that are confused the ww in the gold armor is the same ww from injustice 2

    I’m sure everyone knows but a lot of people are still confused about who’s who

  23. I love the logic behind it

  24. The sad part is, after Lois died, Injustice Wonder Woman became a simp for Superman and in a way, manipulated him, while prime Wonder Woman stayed a sigma. That's the key difference between this 2 variants

  25. JJAZE says:

    That's a very long neck ngl.

  26. bozo force says:

    We are to give service… 🤔

  27. I love how Wonder Woman is constantly talking shit about men while doing the exact same shit that she’s chastising them for. Truly inspiring.

  28. MAK3X7 says:

    in my opinion, wonderwoman is always rhe most likely founding memember to kill without reason.

    Superman is boy scout, batman is strict with morals, Green Lanterns have protocal, Martian manhuntwr and the Flash and cinnamon rolls, and wonderwoman has trained her life as a warrior and taught how to kill in battle in 100+ ways.

  29. catzster :3 says:

    When your so wrong your other universe counterpart says it to

  30. Dante Sparda says:

    I literally hate both of them. How is this possible?

  31. Wonder Woman is the real villain of the Injustice series. Don’t forget, while Joker may have made Superman snap, it was Diana who made the damage permanent. She was in his ear the whole time feeding into his negative thoughts and bad intentions. All just to make him fall in love with her. Harleen already tried that with Joker. And look how that turned out. I’m glad Earth Prime Wonder Woman put evil Diana in her place.

  32. Jim Batter says:

    People forget this scene and think injustice ww is how she always is but wonder woman is one of the best DC characters

  33. Wow!
    This is an epic confrontation!

  34. Onyxolotl says:

    "Man's aggression cannot be tempered!"

    "Skill issue."

  35. Injustice Wonder Woman is like so OOC its insane. Nothing happened to her and yet she became like that because something happened to Metropolis. If she had just consoled Superman and not coddled that future wouldnt have happened

  36. puggers! says:

    Basically I love wonder woman since she ends up seeing the good in man kind but the more bad versions of her as well as evil are super misandrist and I hate their guts more then any other character

  37. Daniel Abdol says:

    Injustice Wonder Woman is such a Bitch.
    I mean At least Superman had a reason for his change, What Is wrong With Her????
    Wonder Woman should've not Been Changed in Injustice and it would've been More awesome if she teamed up with Batman to Stand against Superman

  38. This is giving biiiiig Xavier Renegade Angel vibes rn

  39. Best scene in the game tbh

  40. “We are to give service”
    ……please? 😶

  41. Bonk Boyo says:

    Injustice does a great job of making the “killing” hero’s seem like absolute nut cases

  42. Apollo Works says:

    Hot take but i think injustice 1 ww is hotter than injustice 2 ww

  43. CCanimates says:

    Bro talked about Amazon