Wonder Woman vs Iron Man

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11 Responses to Wonder Woman vs Iron Man

  1. FTN97 says:

    for everyone saying this is cap i didn't seriously do this i just wanted to test the quality

  2. Connor Edits says:

    Hell nah bro, this is pure fax đź‘Ť

  3. CloudyIsG0ne says:

    If Batman can beat Superman, Ironman can easily beat wonder mid

  4. Tony low key the strongest in the Marvel Universe

  5. Iron man takes destructive capacity because he could literally just build bombs and blow up stuff.

  6. Be ready to get roasted

  7. I'mMrsad says:

    A lot of those were cap

  8. Sql_Edits says:

    "Mommy" negs đź’€
    But yeah fax