Wonder Woman’s #1 Fan

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandmark) fan girls over Wonder Woman while fight along side her

TV Show: Young Justice (s2 e3 “Alienated”)

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26 Responses to Wonder Woman’s #1 Fan

  1. Show: Young Justice (s2 e3)

  2. Billy Lunn says:

    I love wonder girl as she voice by mae whitman she sound so beautiful and gorgeous and hope she flirt with robin Tim drake as wonder woman did to batman in justice league series

  3. I think wonder girls is a amazon

  4. Art says:

    Thats gwen stacy in WW gear

  5. nile kinnick says:

    Fuck man it was so good then

  6. Solitary Man says:

    There should be song strong woman from south park 😅

  7. I think they should have gone with Donna Troy for the show

  8. The only type of Feminisme that i would support cuz there are better protector than man 👀🗿🍷

  9. I use to watch this scene over and over again.

  10. Wonder women in jl and jlu>>>

  11. Joaquín says:

    I like this Wonder Girl, she's like the DC equivalent of Kamala Khan but more likeable and beautiful.

  12. RON says:


  13. Cassie Sandsmark's Wonder Girl is definitely a fan of Wonder Woman.

  14. Johniegunz says:

    Those look and sound like those things from star wars

  15. Shawn Monroe says:

    In the meantime, where's Donna Troy??

  16. Less Chit-Chat, More Combat!!!

  17. Supr3m3 G0ku says:

    Little less talking more washing

  18. Hey, what about jenny wakeman first
    everyone knows that. beside she just a robot girl in the cartoon.🩵🩶🤖🤔?

  19. InoshiZ says:

    walmart wonder woman

  20. She really became like Batman. I wonder what changed her kind about recruiting a sidekick. She probably came to Diana first and then Diana understood what batman meant. Especially with Tim, who came to Batman first. And Jason to a lesser extent.

  21. Wow Wonder girl becoming a sidekick of Wonder Woman

  22. Setsu Edits says:

    Would let both of them crush my windpipe, 11/10.